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Black is still the preferred color in most Muslim countries; however, they are also available in an array of other colors as long as they do not attract unnecessary attention. Women prefer earthy tones over bold colors. Along with solid colors, women have also started experimenting with printed fabrics.

Fit and Style

The abaya must cover the entire length of the arm. Thus, although designers cannot do much with the length, they are tailoring sleeves in different shapes. They are also available in a range of basic and luxurious designs. While most are made in a straight fit from top to bottom, a few are more fitted at the higher and lower waist. They either come stitched in that style or feature a separate sash or belt that fits tight around the waist. There are designs with high collars and a flare fit too.

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A land of diverse beauty, combining a huge variety of cultures and practices. Everyone has at some point or the other thought that Australians were incredibly cool, whether it was for their accent, how good they are at rugby or even for their ability to handle large and dangerous crocodiles as though they were nothing but tame housecats. While only some of you may have noticed, the australian man not only is badass, but looks it too!

Listed below are some of the brands that make the quintessential Australian man.

R.M. Williams

Australians have a knack for pulling off that urban cowboy appearance that capture the feel of the wild west, with classic leather workmanship in its boots. R.M. Williams is the embodiment of this Australian style with traditional boots, wallets and belts that turn boys into men and well-tailored shirts that go with.

Saint Augustine Academy

Fashion gear for the Australian rockstar. With a penchant for narrow cut vests, suits in colours that catch the corner of the eye and denim that so sublimely meets the essence of rock. The range of fashion is highly influenced by rock music says the head designer Alvin Manalo. Donned by the likes of Motley Crue, Wolfmother and the horrors, it doesn't get any more rockstar.


Minimalism is catching on, and quickly too. Bassike boasts an elegant and organic casual menswear that makes for a dynamic wardrobe. Not straying away from the basics, this is a brand that wants to keep style eternal and unaffected by trends.

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If you've always wanted to get involved in fashion design but never really knew where to start, there are many websites that will give you tips, tricks, ideas and even platforms in which to practice and come up with ideas on your own. Anyone can take pen to paper and come up with fashion design but online fashion design will let you know what's in style nowadays and it will have you up and running like a pro in no time. All you need to do is find one or a few websites, which will let you practice online fashion design. You never know, with enough practice you could be the next runway fashion designer making clothes for highly paid fashion models with your name in lights.

Finding Sites To Work With

If you use your favorite search engine, you should have no problem finding online fashion design websites. Shina