The Worth Of Bacteria Tests and E. Coli Testing in California

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Our Bacteria Testing Service Areas include all of norhtern California. A-1 Certified Environmental Services provides Independent Bacteria Testing and E. Coli Testing, Mold Inspection Services. Mold remediation is usually expensive. Pre-testing can confirm the existence of black mold and other toxic or non-toxic mold conditions. Allow us to determine if you truly have a real issue with mold. Mold treatment might not be required. We aren't allied with any Mold Remediation or Removal Companies. We promise that our customers will get objective, non-bias analysis results! E. Coli Testing California

We analyze for the occurrence of Bacteria, E. Coli or high mold circumstances in your indoor environment. We also test for the occurrence of toxic mold in your indoor environment. The most important step in fixing a mold problem is to accurately classify and rectify the sources of dampness that allowed the mold to happen. So as to avoid mold from developing, it is imperative that moisture damaged spots be dried inside a one to two day period of time. If mold is an issue in the home, the mold must be cleaned up and the excess moisture removed. Bacteria Testing Company California

We are Experts in all Kinds of Independent Environmental Testing and we offer Certified Results from Credited Labs. A mold clearance assessment should be completed after mold treatment to show the mold has been completely cleared up - especially if you are selling your property

A-1 Environmental Services is your clear choice for ALL your Testing Needs.

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