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There are many different ways you can make your penis bigger. With many different penis enlargement products on the market, how are you to choose the right penis enlargement system? In this article we will look at the options available to you, to get a solution that can work for you.

  • Penis Enlargement Pills:

Penis enlargement pills are often sold as solutions to penis enlargement. They generally work with increasing blood pressure. Solutions such as Spanish Fly is an irritant from a fly that causes irritation inside the penis, and making penis enlargement for that moment to happen.

The only drawback - penis enlargement pills don't provide long lasting results. Either the methodology these pills work on providing short lived effects or the ingredients the products are made of are not healthy to use consistently for a considerable time. The question now becomes obvious: are penis enlargement pills a viable solution in the long run provided they only provide temporary benefits.

  • Penis Pumps For A Larger Penis:

Penis pumps have been on the market for a number of years and they are another way to gain instant results. The penis pump is a great solution for people with impotence as it allows the blood to flow to the penis with the help of a vacuum created by the penis pump.

The problem with penis pumps is often they will have low quality parts and result in only seeing a tiny amount of results. With higher quality penis pumps you can see results in girth and in size, but the results fade after a while.

The reason is simple: who likes pumping his penis for hours? Many users of these pumps don’t apply these devices for more than an hour or even stop after just 30 minutes, such small duration of application time is not suitable to achieve long lasting results.

But there is a bright side: if you get your hands on a really good high quality penis pump, you will start to notice results very soon. How fast are we talking? An hour, or even within a few minutes of pump action, the erection will become stronger and the penis dimensions will increase.

Over the long term though - unless you walk around with a penis pump, the results may not be long lasting enough to go on a night out for example, and show off your results.

  • Penis Extenders:

Penis extenders are an interesting form of penis enlargement as it works with the penis tissue, physics and mitosis.

The special device is placed on the penis so it creates tension and pulls the penis towards outside. The constant pulling for many hours provokes natural cell division called mitosis. It results in new cell generation that is noticeable physically. The penis gets enlarged permanently and there is no need to perform any exercise before you need your penis to perform at its best.

  • Which Male Enhancement Product Is Best For Penis Enlargement?

When we think of penis enlargement, we want a solution that will make results happen permanently. Many people search and can't find a solution that works.

Whichever method you look at, you likely will find one of the above options. The best thing you can do is decide whether you want to gain increases in length or girth. For girth, a penis pump is a great idea. For length a penis extender is the best option.

Just make sure to buy a quality penis enlargement system so you can get the best results possible.

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